YOOLUX High Performance YL6000 LED Grow light with SAMSUNG LED Diodes Sunlike Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants from Seedling to Harves

·        LOWER COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDS: YOOLUX YL6000-GL120 LED grow lights use the newest LED plant light technology to provide high PAR output and Efficiency. It only 600W output, during the full cycle growing and energy saving 50% than other 1000W HID/HPS lamps, while help gets 50% higher yield harvest.

·        SUNLIKE FULL SPECTRUM: The YL6000-GL120 provides full-spectrum combines the HPS spectrum with the MH spectrum in one, making it the perfect light for all stages of growth, from seed stage, germination stage, growth stage, flowering stage and fruiting stage.

·        LOW NOISE & LOW HEAT: No fans zero noise; aluminum body and IP65 waterproof rating, excellent weather and erosion resistance, heat dissipation capacity. Ambient heat is very low, so there is no need to worry about burns or damage to your plant; The low heat enough so you can place the lights close your plants

·        HIGHER PHOTON EFFICACY: The full spectrum (400~700nm, 660nm and IR 760nm) achieves a high PPF 2.92 umol/J and improves the light transmittance, optimized and complete plant development for all growth stages from seedling to harvest.

·        5 YEARS WARRANTY: You are always covered by our FIVE (5) years limited warranty when you purchase YOOLUX Products. Contact our customer service team 12/7! Any product quality problems during the warranty period will be returned and exchanged free of charge.


Item No.: YL6000-GL120

SKU: 63080002


Type: LED

UPC: 782938452372


Electrical data:

Input Voltage: 100-277VAC

Input Frequency(Hz):50/60

Power Factor: 0.92

THD: <10%